Comfort at Skinit.com??

John 11:20- 20 So when Martha heard that Jesus was coming, she went and met him…   iphone

Who are you turning to when you need comfort?  Where are you turning to?  It’s amazing how much we now cling to our cell phones.  Some of us pamper, and polish our cell phones.

I saw a guy’s cell phone the other day, and he had a picture of his son, like wallpaper, wrapped around the casing of his cell phone.  I asked him about it.  He said there is a website called “skinit.com”.   They skin everything.  They created a sticker with the picture of his son, designed like his phone’s casing and mailed it to him.  He loved his phone.

The other day I found myself polishing my phone on my pant leg.  I didn’t want it dirty.  I’ve even fallen asleep cuddling my cell phone once.

Our phones can become like security blankets when we need comfort.  Think of that – something electronic giving us comfort.  Our hope is in a text message, or a call back, or an email, or new “friend” on Facebook.

What are you turning to for comfort?  It’s amazing what people will do for comfort.  Some people take pills.  Some people get drunk.  Others have affairs.  Some people watch TV all the time.  Some people just crawl up in a ball and sleep all the time.  All in an effort to deal with the pain.

Martha was in deep sorrow over the loss of her brother, Lazarus.  But, when she heard that Jesus was near she left the mourners and went to meet him.  If you’re suffering hardship today, God has never been closer to you.  Realize that He is aware.  He cares.  He’s near and wants to help if you’ll come to him.  There is true comfort in his presence.


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